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You can actually feel yourself moving deeper into the dark undercurrent of human perception as the strains of notes dispute all triviality. You will die after a while. In the meantime, listen.

A twisting road that’s well worth the ride

I don't know very much about these fellows. Portishead praised them.

They had a second album which seemed more guitar-oriented. This first album came right at the moment of trip-hop, and exceeded it, instantly, with a vocal lyricism and melodic brilliance that a category like trip-hop couldn't contain. I don't know where these guys are now, but for my money, "I Can Water My Plants" is one of the best songs written in the last twenty years.

Speaking of electronic music, this maestro, who supposedly: was named after a brother concealed from him, who died before he was born ; lives in a bank; lucid dreams for exercise; drives a tiny scout-tank a real scout tank, not a fake one. Some prefer his Richard D.

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James album. That's a great album, but my fondness for this one exceeds measure. What I love about the music that I love is this: melodies that stand in an uncategorizable tradition. Mississippi John Hurt: Sessions Yazoo. So he came out of Avalon in the first place, and that's where they found him later, when public opinion caught up with his tremendous skill.

Everyone knows the story of his resurgence, and you can buy, if you want, the albums of that second period. They are indisputably better. But, taking them into account, and knowing them, having listened to them hundreds of times, one then returns to these first sessions.

Then, the brittleness of his early technique is all freshness. One feels extremely acquainted with him, and with what is human about the passing of time and the way it changes what we as artists make. Be careful where you sing it when you don't realize you're singing it out loud. What do you really know about Elvis?

The basis for his legend now seems to be solely his legend, and the legions of his impersonators. But the original man was a swell musician, and this album is about as good as any album of the twentieth century. Glenn Gould: Goldberg Variations Sony. There is, I guess, a difference of opinion about which performance by Gould of Bach's Goldberg Variations is the best. I like the version. I feel the same way about Whitman's Leaves of Grass where his version is better, by far, than the later Deathbed edition. In any case, this music defines intricacy, and gives a blueprint for deep-making and variation.

It's also good music to put on at 5am, when things of all kinds are very close to being things of another kind. Her guitar playing may even be better than Mississippi John Hurt's. But, the context is totally different. There's something hard here, something being dealt with that is immovable. This is tremendous blues music that exceeds that genre, and becomes simply human music.

I don't know if John Fahey listened to Cotten, but her "Vastopol" certainly seems to have influenced his style. His finger picking is so percussive you can feel it in the bones of your hand. Bookslut interview with the author Publishers Weekly Yarnspinner interview with the author Time Out Chicago profile of the author. My employment out of doors now was to collect the dead wood in the forest, bringing it in my hands or on my shoulders, or sometimes trailing a dead pine tree under each arm to my shed.

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Curious to see how the girl was, Deidre walked three doors down and paused. Cade wandered across the room and stared out the patio doors , sipping from the coffee mug. He turned and made his way through the doors he suddenly remembered traversing many times the past few days. She left the room assigned her by Jonny, two doors down from his in his private wing. Run to the end of this hall, then go out the double doors to the left. Carmen checked all the doors and windows to make sure they were locked.

They passed through two more doors before exiting into a cold desert night on the side of a mountain, overlooking the activity at the elevator's entrance. Gabriel tossed her bag on the floor next to the bed and strode to the doors , opening them.

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It was not so much within doors as behind a door where I sat, even in the rainiest weather. It was worth the while to see the sun shine on these things, and hear the free wind blow on them; so much more interesting most familiar objects look out of doors than in the house.

There are no locks on the doors or windows, and only one route of egress in the case of an emergency. As before, one of the yellow doors glowed brighter than the others. It will have windows that cannot be broken and doors that cannot be forced. When my floor was dirty, I rose early, and, setting all my furniture out of doors on the grass, bed and bedstead making but one budget, dashed water on the floor, and sprinkled white sand from the pond on it, and then with a broom scrubbed it clean and white; and by the time the villagers had broken their fast the morning sun had dried my house sufficiently to allow me to move in again, and my meditations were almost uninterupted.

She should lock her doors and windows, just like you people, before this guy carves her up and adds her to the list. The lights in every house were on, the doors boarded up, and people somewhere were screaming. Logan was an accountant, not a security guard, yet he barricaded the doors with furniture before bed in case there were criminals wandering the beach.

Large Mahogany doors swung into an entry graced with antique furnishings. The master bedroom had wooden patio doors that opened on a balcony facing east. I'm more used to country property where doors and windows are left open, making my life oh so easy. She threw the covers back and dashed to the patio doors , staring outside. If it was a tornado, standing next to glass doors wasn't the smartest thing to do.

These Carolina country fools never lock their doors making it so easy it's scarcely a challenge. However, what did I discover but the child at the sink alone and the doors to two stalls closed! Feeling as if she'd said too much, she turned and fled the cottage for her car and locked the doors.

She trailed him down the stairs, eyes on the guests milling in the courtyard beyond the opened double doors. He found a fifth of whiskey setting on the counter and opened half the cabinet doors before finding a glass.

The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball | Quarterly Conversation

Deidre gazed around her, eyes settling on the green glow, visible through the French doors. When the sun was up, she retreated from the French doors , troubled by the lost souls and what she did to make Gabriel's life worse, when she'd hoped to make it better. Only when able to tolerate the floor did she cross to the French doors.

The room was dark, aside from the glowing souls visible through the balcony doors. She kept the doors locked and pulled Brutus in from the fields to walk with them when they did chores. Before they hit the concrete, darkness swallowed them, and they fell through a cold, damp place punctuated by strange yellow doors.

The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball

She turned where he indicated, noticing the double French doors for the first time. Distressed by the idea, she found herself standing before the French doors again, looking at the green haze over the forest. Deidre gathered her composure with some difficulty and walked down the hallway, pausing four doors down to her room. He led her past closed doors and through hallways carved out of black stone.

The placards on each of the other doors were blank, the doors closed with no sign of light around the edges. Beyond the main room were two hallways, also packed, and opened doors along both where men and women circulated. The French doors were locked, and she beat on them, looking around wildly for deck furniture to break the glass. She trailed the robed man through two doors and into a hot, dry night. She tugged the heavy door open by its old iron handle and gazed into a large square of grass, a courtyard, around which many similar rooms with heavy doors were arranged.