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In , Trudeau published his book Memoirs , based on a five-part miniseries by the CBC , and in he published Against the Current, a collection of his writings from to In Justin Trudeau was elected leader of the Liberal Party and in he became prime minister. Overall, Trudeau's career as prime minister was one of electoral success.

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He served longer than every other contemporary leader in the Western world, becoming the elder statesman of the West. Trudeau was unable, however, to alleviate regional alienation or to end the conflict between federal and provincial governments. He left office much as he had entered it, a controversial figure with strong supporters and equally strong critics. That he was one of the dominant figures in 20th-century Canada is indisputable.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Approaches to Politics Pierre Elliott Trudeau and David Crenna, ed. Thomas S. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Memoirs Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Ron Graham, ed. From the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online. From the Oct.

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Why sign up? Create Account. Accessed 22 September In The Canadian Encyclopedia. Historica Canada. Later he travelled through many countries behind the Iron Curtain and came back defending Communist economics and downplaying their oppression of basic human rights.

Yet even on his travels, he sought out companionship from priests and missionaries. In his studies, he asked permission from the bishop to study texts on the Index of Forbidden Books and his early love affairs were tinged with fervent prayers and tension over the limits placed on intimacy by his church. In the s, Trudeau became a child of his times, reflecting its more casual attitudes towards sex, fashion and music.

He railed against the stifling political culture of his province and included the Quebec church on his list of those who, as he saw, kept Quebeckers from maturing politically, culturally and economically. Through it all, however, he remained a Catholic, if unorthodox at times. CR : Since the death of Pierre Trudeau in , there has been considerable public and academic debate over the role the Catholic faith played in his life.

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It was even the subject of an entire conference held at St. How did this discussion influence your approach to the book? English : The discussion definitely influenced the approach by me. I think what surprised everyone was how interested Trudeau was in the Catholic Church, how committed he was to it, how intense he was about the grounds for his beliefs and how this debate persisted throughout his life. I think it was a revelation to me and a revelation to a lot of people.

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It is interesting that people who knew him well were totally unaware of this. CR : In his participation in public debate in the s and s, the church was sometimes the subject of his attacks. Was he rejecting his beliefs or attacking the institution of the church as it was in Quebec? English : He came to believe, as a product of his understanding of Quebec, that the church had been too dominant, a retrograde force in the 20th century. He came to the conclusion that the church, in a multicultural society, should withdraw from the political arena.

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So a person of faith, whether Catholic or Jew or whatever, had a right to an equal voice, and that was different than in Quebec prior to Obviously in his private capacity he continued to be a believer, and found a position within one or more of the various streams that represent Roman Catholicism.

But he thought questions of faith had potential dangers when they injected themselves into the political system.

CR : Was Trudeau just a part of his times or was he very much someone who changed the very nature of Canadian society? English : I was talking about this very question with my students the other day. Their view was that he indeed changed things. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review.

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About this product Product Information One of the most important, exciting biographies of our time: the definitive, major two-volume biography of Pierre Elliott Trudeau written with unprecedented, complete access to Trudeau s ermous cache of private letters and papers. Bestselling biographer John English gets behind the public record and existing glancing portraits of Trudeau to reveal the real man and the multiple influences that shaped his life, providing the full context lacking in all previous biographies to-date. As prime minister between and , Trudeau, the brilliant, controversial figure, intrigued Canadians and attracted international attention as other Canadian leader has ever done.

Volume One takes us from his birth in to his election as leader in Born into a wealthy family in Montreal, Trudeau excelled at the best schools, graduating as a lawyer with conservative, nationalist and traditional Catholic views. But always conscious of his French-English heritage, desperate to kw the outside world, and an adventurer to boot, he embarked on a pilgrimage of discovery first to Harvard and the Sorbonne, then to the London School of Ecomics and, finally, on a trip through Europe, the Middle East, India and China.

He was a changed man when he returned socialist in his politics, sympathetic to labour, a friend to activists and writers in radical causes.

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He frequently shocked his colleagues when, on the brink of a Quebec election, for example, he departed for New York or Europe on an extended tour. Yet in the s and 60s, he wrote the most important articles outlining his political philosophy. And there were the remarkable relationships with friends, women and especially his mother whom he lived with until he was middle-aged.

He wrote to them always, exchanging ideas with the men, intimacies with the women, especially in these early years, and lively descriptions of his life. He even recorded his in-depth psychoanalysis in Paris. This personal side of Trudeau has never been revealed before and it sheds light on the politician and statesman he became. Volume One ends with his entry into politics, his appointment as Minister of Justice, his meeting Margaret and his election as leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Canada. There, his genius and charisma, his ambition and intellectual prowess, his ruthlessness and emotional character and his deliberate shaping of himself for leadership played out on the national stage and, when Lester B.