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Marriage b. Losing a job c. Moving to a new home d. Researchers have determined four common features to transitions.

Health and Wellness Among Older Adults

Which of the following is not one of the four features? A stage of denial b. An altered time perspective c. Disturbances in bodily function d. Which developmental growth objective is essential in reaching gerotranscendence? Formal operational stage b.

Caring for Older Adults Holistically

Integrity vs. Despair stage c. Concrete operational stage d. Initiative vs. Smith, 79 years old, refuses to take any medications offered by the nurse. The nurse respects Mr. Which of the following factors influencing transitional outcomes applies to Mr. The degree of change for an older person preparing to move can be minimized by all of the following considerations except a.

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Finding a home with a nearby grocery store within walking distance c. Selecting a home that meets the physical needs of the person Full download all chapters instantly please go to Solutions Manual, Test Bank site: TestBankLive.

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Preparation is a key factor in managing future transitions. Which of the following is not an appropriate choice in helping patients prepare for transitions? Avoid discussing difficult topics with patients b. Talking to patients and residents about changes to be anticipated c. Repeating all necessary information about the transition d. The characteristics of an individual are important components to consider for transitions. Which of the following characteristics should be considered when a person is transitioning?

The sex of the person d. What aspects of the environment in a hospital room would most likely allow for smooth transitioning? Cheerfulness and relaxation b.

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Clean and colorful c. Restrictive and demanding d. Which of the following is not a common transition for an older adult? Family role changes b. Marriage c. Job changes and retirement d. Harriet Powell, age 68, has just been admitted to the oncology unit with a new diagnosis of lung cancer. This is Mrs. Which of the following is the best action that the nurse can take to make Mrs. Leave a printout about lung cancer at her bedside b. Administer an antianxiety agent to keep her calm c.

Anderson's Caring for Older Adults Holistically - Tamara R Dahlkemper - Google книги

Tell her a physician will be in to explain what is going on d. Spirituality is defined as a. Formal worship involving prescribed actions or practices c.

A feeling from within that communicates a higher power at work d. George Wilbur, age 73, is a patient recovering from coronary artery bypass surgery. Call for a psychiatric consultation to screen Mr. Wilbur for depression b. Ask Mr. Reassure Mr. Wilbur that he did nothing wrong and everything is okay d. Tell Mr. Jones is in spiritual distress and is requesting that the nurse accompany her in a word of prayer.

The nurse does not usually pray but wants to assist Mrs. Jones in any way possible.

All of the following are ways the nurse can help except a. Hold Mrs. Jones hands while she prays b. Sit near Mrs. Jones and be reverent during the prayer c.

Caring for Older Adults Holistically 5th Edition Anderson Test Bank

Tell Mrs. Jones to find someone else who will pray with her d. Find a coworker who would be willing to pray with Mrs. Achieving gerotranscendence allows for an older person to a. Live life without regret and die well b. Reach a state of wealth and superfluous social interaction c. All of the following are reasons to perform a life review except a. To assist older people to review their lives and appreciate them b.

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